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                Under this tab, you will find a detailed breakdown of what your child will be exploring in math, reading, and writing during their fourth grade year.  Under each calendar tab (Math & Reading & Writing & Science Calendar), you will find the school year broken down into months of study.  Each month will have a quick description of what topics will be explored.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that just because a topic is shown in just one month doesn't mean we will only do that topic for just that specific month.  Once a topic is introduced, it will be carefully examined throughout the course of the year.


                Besides the Math, Reading, and Writing Calendar tabs, you also have the Math Standards & Reading Standards tabs.  Under these tabs you can see how our math and reading calendars matches the standards that the Common Core expects for fourth graders (writing standards are included on the reading standards page).


                 I hope with all this information you will be fully informed as to what your child will be studying and when it will occur.  This is so important because when you ask your kids how school was today or what did you do you always get the same reponse: : "It was good."

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